As a divorced father of two, I have been through the emotional roller-coaster that is divorce.  The struggle over child-custody and finances nearly crippled my ability to do anything else.  Overtime, my family-including my x-wife-learned to overcome each of these struggles through the assistance of others.

 I bring you this website to assist you in the process of divorce and, hopefully, provide you the assistance to make the divorce process less painful. 

 There are many great resources on the Internet that I did not know existed.  I wish I would have know about these divorce resources as I was going through my divorce.

 One of the most helpful things is to hear from people going through the divorce process.  It makes you feel less isolated and alone as you sometimes feel that the world is closing in on you.

 I hope you find this site extremely useful as you go through the painful process of divorce.  If anyone knows how you feel, it is me. 

 If there is one message that I would like to convey to you is this:    Your life can and will be better again.  When you emerge on the other side, and complete your divorce process, you’ll find that good feeling about life, you’ll find your smile again, you will find the joy of new relationships, and, in the end, your kids will be better off as well.